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Username: Username if you followed the information at registration is your first and last name separated by a space. If you aren't able to use your login name correctly, you CAN USE YOUR PRIMARY EMAIL ADDRESS as an alternate.

Password: Passwords are case-sensitive and must contain at least one letter, at least on upper case letter and must also contain one number. In addition, they must be more than 7 letters long and less than 200. Passwords are stored in an encrypted manner and cannot be seen by anyone - therefore, if you do not know your password you must reset and have it emailed to you. Following the lost password function will email you a password and you can then change it in your team console to the one you wish.

Remember Me: The function sets a small file on your computer that will be used to fill in the box the next time you return. DO NOT check this box on a public computer. If you do, anyone will have access to your file.

Failed Login: If you attempt to log in with the wrong credential more than 10 times the system will lock you out and display a message. Once that happens, you will need to CLOSE ALL INSTANCES OF YOUR INTERNET BROWSWER. That will clear your lock out and allow you to attempt to log in again. So for example if you are using Internet Explorer you will need to close all windows and completely shut the program down in order to continue.

Lock Out: If you are locked out, the action was taken by an administrator. You will need to contact an administrator to have your profile re-instated before continuing.