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League Bylaws

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PAWL Bylaws



Article 1.    Purpose:  

The Phillipsburg Area Wrestling League (“PAWL”) is an unincorporated federation of wrestling teams representing municipal recreation programs or other recreation organizations dedicated to promoting the sport of wrestling (No private clubs).  Municipal Recreation Programs (or other non-municipality recreation organizations) are comprised of wrestlers from within the named community and/or reside in the school-sending district. 

Article 2.    Membership:

The number of teams shall be determined by a majority vote of the representatives attending the official league meeting.  

A.  Meetings:

1.  There shall be an annual organizational meeting to be held no later than September  30th of the upcoming season.  
2.  There shall be a seeding meeting to be held no later than 7 days before the scheduled  Tournament of Champions for that season.  
3.  There may be other meetings held from time-to-time upon a minimum of 7 days  advance notice as deemed necessary by the executive board.  
4.  Every team shall send at least 1 representative to each meeting.  Failure to have a  representative at 2 consecutive meetings shall result in a $50 fine.  
5.  Quorum:  50% of the league membership plus 1 executive board member is required to convene a league meeting.  
6.  Voting:  Each member team in good standing shall be entitled to 1 vote.  A simple  majority of the voting members present shall be sufficient to pass a motion.  The  president will not vote except in instances to break a tie vote.  

B.  With the exception of Founding Member Teams, all teams must be voted on to enter or re- enter league each year.  A 60% vote is necessary to be accepted.  

C.  Procedure:

1.  All teams must fill at least half of the weights for all matches or be subject to  replacement for the next year. This will be at the discretion of the Board of Trustees.  
2.  Problems with teams for unsportsmanlike-like conduct, vandalism, theft, mischief, etc.  that is detrimental to the league will be addressed at an emergency meeting within 7 days.  Meeting will be attended by a quorum of trustees or league officers and the teams  involved.  If a quorum of trustees cannot meet, then the matter will be handled by the  executive board.  
3.  Emergency matters not covered in the by-laws may be decided by the executive board  and/or quorum of Board of Trustees.  Such matters will be reassessed at the next league  meeting.  If a quorum of trustees cannot meet, then the matter will be handled by the  executive board.  

D.  Membership Fees:  there shall be an annual membership fee of $300 per team and a one-time initiation fee of $150.00 for all new members payable on or before April 15th of the wrestling season.  All delinquent members shall be considered as members NOT in good standing.  

E.  Membership Insurance:  All teams must supply a valid certificate of Insurance that covers their team through the entire wrestling season.  This must be handed into the league on or before October 15th of each wrestling season.   

Article 3.    Voting Rights: 

A.  All founding member teams in good standing shall have all voting rights from the inception of the league.  

B.  Any team with two years or more completed in the league will be granted all voting rights. The season ends the day after the league tournament. The bylaw meeting is considered the start of the new season.

C.  Any team with less than 2 completed years in league many not vote on any by-law changes or new teams to league. A season ends the day after the league tournament. The bylaw meeting is considered the start of the new season.

D.  With the exception of the initial officers, all elected officers must have two years completed in the league.  

E.  Each member team shall be granted one vote per team.  

F.   Teams having two squads (A and B teams) will be allowed to vote for each team and each squad shall be deemed a “member team” for purposes of voting.  

G. Votes may be cast by any team appointed representative.  

Article 4.    Officers: 

A.  Officers shall be elected for a term of one year. Nominations of officers shall occur at the meeting immediately following the league tournament. Elections will be held on that same evening.  

B.  The following officers will be elected:  
            1.  President  
            2.  Vice President/Treasurer  
            3.  Secretary            

C.  These officers will be the executive board.  

D.  The treasurer must supply a financial report to all teams at the end of the year.  

Article 5.    Amendments: 

A.  Any amendments to the by-laws must be passed by 60% of the voting members.  

B.  New by-laws or changes to the by-laws will be in writing and brought to the last scheduled meeting of the year.  A copy will be provided to each member to be voted on either by an online vote or a meeting that is to be held within the final two weeks of the season.  

C.  The will be no amendments made during the season.

Article 6.    Dual Matches:  

A.   All dual meet scoring will be based off of actual bouts wrestled and any forfeits other than forfeits for 45 and Hwt (see B.1. below).  

B.  Weight Classes:  

1. Varsity weight Classes will be 50, 55, 58, 62, 67, 70, 73,76, 80, 85, 90, 95, 102, 110, and Hwt (175 max.). 45 and Hwt are optional weight classes. If a team does not have a wrestler it will not count toward team or individual points.  
2. JV weights classes will be 40,45,50,55,60,65,70,75,80,85, 90,95 and Hwt. 40 and Hwt are optional weight classes . If a team does not have a wrestler it will not count toward team or individual points.  
3.  Heavyweight class weight range is recognized as a wrestler weighing between 111  pounds and under 150 pounds.  A heavyweight bout is wrestled if both wrestlers are  within 20 pounds of each other, otherwise, no bout occurs and no team points are awarded to either team unless one wrestler is within the weight limit.    
4.  A wrestler’s minimum weight for the season shall be determined by his actual weight  at a certification. This certifications will be held at the first league competition that is wrestled, and may be held at any subsequent league competition completed by prior to midnight on December 31st. Any additions to a roster after December 31st will be determined by the board.
5.  Weigh-ins will be conducted 45 minutes prior to each match with two coaches present.  Weigh in will be closed 15 minutes prior to match start time. The hosting team will determine the order of Jv and Varsity. Coaches must notify opposing coaches at least 3 days in advance of the order or it will be assumed the order will be Jv then Varsity.
6.  A wrestler will only be allowed to move up one weight class from his declared weigh-in  weight class for that day (e.g., if wrestler weighs 44, he may only compete at 45 or 50  that day).  
7.  Regardless of actual weight, a wrestler may not wrestler below his declared weigh-in weight class for that day (e.g., if wrestler weighs 44, and is certified at 45, and weighs in at 50, he may not then compete at 45 that day).  

C.  No wrestler may appear on more than one organization’s roster at any time during the season.  

D.  One pound will be added to each weight class on the first of January.  One pound will be added to each weight class on the first of February. 

E.  A wrestler shall weigh in with a singlet or undergarment and a 0.2 pound weight allowance will be granted for wrestlers at weigh-in.  

F. There will be a one pound allowance for any week night match.  The one pound allowance does not apply for any wrestler who has not previously certified for his or her weight class.

G.  All matches will consist of 3 periods (11/2 min., 1½ min, 1½ min) this includes Jv.  

H.  Overtime shall be conducted in accordance with the NFHS rules.  

I.  NJSIAA criteria shall be used to determine the winning team in a dual meet ending in a tie.

J.  If a Headlock, cement mixer or cement Job is thrown from the neutral position, the referee will blow the whistle and stand both wrestlers up again;  no points will be awarded.  Referee has discretion whether the illegal move is thrown.  

Article 7.     Eligibility: 

A. All wrestlers must be no older than the intermediate division age (not 13 years of age before December 1st).  

B. Any wrestler attending a school of choice, can only wrestler for the town in which he resides.    

C.  Skin Conditions:  

1.  Skin conditions must be managed with the utmost seriousness.  Coaches should advise  their parents and wrestlers to be on the alert for rashes and skin discoloration, and they  should report any observation of any rashes and skin discoloration to the head coach  immediately.  
2.  In addition to NFHS Rule 4-2-3 pertaining to skin conditions, the NJSIAA form  “Physician Release for Wrestler to Participate with Skin Lesion(s)” shall be completed  and signed by a medical doctor, within the last 7 days, in order for a wrestler with a skin  condition to be allowed to participate.  
3.  The head coach is responsible for bringing to the attention of the opposing coach and  official any skin condition that is known or should be known through reasonable  observation.  Knowing violation will result in suspension of the head coach for the  following 2 league events.  

D.  Uniforms:  

1. All wrestlers will wear a suitable team approved singlet.  Each team should go to every extent possible to present the entire team in identical uniforms with their respective program’s colors.  
2. Headgear is mandatory.  
3. Wrestlers do not have to tape wrestling shoes.  

Article 8.  League Tournament (Tournament of Champions): 

A.  Same weight class as dual matches.

B.  Seeding will be done on “regular season” league matches only.  Seeding will be based on the seeding point system.  Seeding points will be posted on the website.  

C.  Team scoring same as high school districts.  

D.  The wrestler must have competed in 60 percent of his/her matches in any one weight class to qualify for the tournament at that weight class.  A coach may petition to have a wrestler included whom does not meet the criteria.  

E.  Wrestle-backs to third/fourth place.  True double elimination format through the semi-final round.   F.  Tournament rosters will consist of wrestlers who have a minimum of six matches for that team during the regular season.  

F.  All voting at the seeding meeting will be done by silent vote.  

Article 9.  Awards: 

A.  Trophy will be awarded for team tournament champion.  

B.  Trophies will be awarded to individuals for first place in league tournament, medals for 2nd, 3rd, and 4th.  

Article 10.  Board of Trustees: 

A.  A Board of Trustees made up of ex-coaches of teams involved in the league and/or members of the Line Club (5 members max) will address any problems within the league within a seven day period.  At least one member of this board should be present at every tournament of champions of the league to handle any arbitration or appeal of board decisions. At least one Trustee or Executive Office, should attempt be present at every league match.  

B. Trustees will have a two year term. Nomination for new trustees will be done at the September meeting. Any trustee that cannot complete their term will also be replace at the September meeting.  Trustees will continue to serve in perpetuity if no nominations are submitted at the September meeting.  

C. Names of the Trustees: Current Head Coach of the Phillipsburg High School Jared Grassi Ron Pare Eric Monk Ed Hull.

D. A quorum of the Board shall consist of three members. Any and all Board action could occur in person, telephonically and/or electronically.  

Article 11.  Participation Requirements: 

A.  All teams competing in the league must treat PAWL league matches as a priority above all other competitions.  

B.  Only school functions will supersede PAWL matches.  

C.  Dual matches only; no quad or tri-meets shall be scheduled.  

D.  Any team that violates these requirements will be subject to a one-year probation period.  

E.  Any team that violates these requirements for a second time will be subject to removal from the league by a league vote.  

F.  All coaches will have a mandatory background check prior to coaching in the league.  This will be done on an annual basis.  Any individual without a background check will not be able to participate mat side during any league function.  Each team is responsible for completing said background checks and maintaining adequate records.  

G.  Results of all background checks shall be held confidential by the Board of Trustees and decisions concerning coaching status shall be at the discretion of the Board of Trustees.      
Article 12.  Ejections: 

A.   If a coach is thrown out of a match by an attending Board Member or Officer, the coach will have to sit out 2 dual matches.  

B.   If a coach is ejected of the last match of the season, the coach will not be allowed at the League Tournament of Champion.  

C.   If a coach is thrown out of the League Tournament he will have to sit out the 1st two dual matches of the next season.  

D.   If that coach is no longer with that team the next season, that coach will have to pay  a $50 reinstatement fee to the league at any future date of return.  

E.   If a coach is thrown out a 2nd time in the same season, the coach will be expelled for 1 calendar year and pay the $50 reinstatement fee to the league.

F.   The same rules will apply to parents, fans, siblings, etc.  

G.  When a coach, parent, or fan is thrown out, that team is responsible to notify the  Executive Board with the name of the person.  The Executive Board will notify all teams of the ejection.  

 Article 14.  Duties of the Home Team: 

A.  A home team must furnish guardians to keep order and protect the officials working a match and the visiting team. Failure to do so may result in a fine or forfeit.  

B.  The home team shall provide a bench for the visiting team.  

C.  The home team shall provide a time clock, timekeeper and scorekeeper. Visitors must approve.  

D.  In the event of cancellation, the match must be made up before five (5) days of the league tournament.  

E.  The home team is responsible to provide a certified scale at each event.  This scale must have a valid sticker that will certify it thought the entire calendar year of a given season.  

F.   The home team shall report match results on the league website within 48 hours of the match day. Failure to do so will result in a $10 fine per each occurrence.

Article 15.  Admissions:

A.  Admission charge to matches is left up to the home team, but shall not exceed $4.00 per adult and $1.00 per child (12 and under).

B.  Admission charge to the Varsity Tournament shall be $5.00 per adult and $2.00 per child (12 and under).  

Article 16. Injuries:

A. The league or the host team is not responsible for any injury incurred while participating in the wrestling program or the end of the year tournament.  This is the responsibility of the individual’s team. 

B. Indemnification and Hold Harmless:  All teams agree to defend, indemnify and hold harmless the league (including league officers, trustees, contractors and agents) from any and all liability and claims for damages because of bodily injury, death, property damage, sickness, disease or any other wrestling related claim arising from any league sanctioned activity, including but not limited to matches, meetings and tournaments.

Article 17 Disbandment:

Should the league ever disband, the officers shall hold all monies and properties accumulated by the league for a period of one (1) year. If the league is not reorganized within this time, all monies and properties shall be divided among member teams during the year of operation.

Article18.  Officials: 

A. The league tournament and Varsity duals must use carded NJ or PA officials.

B. Carded officials are not necessary for JV league matches. Officials supplied by each team must be either a junior or senior in High school or must have at least 5 years of documented wrestling experience.

C. The host team shall be responsible for providing the match official. The visiting team shall provide at least one (1) scorekeeper.

D. JV officials should be paid no more than $35 per match.  

E. Varsity officials should be paid no more the $75 per match.  

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***All items not covered by these bylaws will be covered by NFHS rules.***  



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